Often in my blog, I use a lot of terms that are directed towards the Paleo community. Here is a short list of the terms you should know, to help you understand my blog!

PrimalCupcake Well, that’s me!

Paleo/Primal – “Paleo” or “primal”, as I mostly use, are terms referencing the Paleolithic era diet and lifestyle. If you’re new to this blog, read this.

Carbohydrates/”Carbs” – Carbohydrates are an organic compound structure that are storage for energy and other enzymes. For more science, go here. When I refer to ‘carbs’, I’m referring to the foods that are high in carbohydrates. This includes: sugar, bread, pasta, beans, starches, potatoes, rice and cereals.

Sugar – In short, sugar is the ‘sweet stuff’ that you find in foods. There are multiple types of sugars – natural and refined are the main two. Sugars are carbohydrates, and simple sugars you may know as ‘glucose’, ‘fructose’ and ‘lactose’. While natural sugars found in fruit, vegetables, oil and other foods are good for the human body in moderation, refined sugars – commonly found in sodas, candies, sports drinks, and fruit juices – are linked to obesity and other diseases like coronary artery disease, diabetes and hypo/hyperglycemia.

Gluten – Gluten is a protein that is found in many processed foods that contain carbohydrates, such as; bread, pasta, cereal, rice and other foods that are processed from wheat. While most human bodies can handle gluten, there is a gray area when it comes to gluten intolerance. While some disorders are clear, such as Celiac Disease, the human body can still find adverse reactions to gluten as a result of other disorders caused by the standard American diet: diabetes, obesity, hormonal disorders, etc.

Dairy – Dairy refers to the man-made production of harvesting animal milk;  this commonly includes cows, goats, sheep and horses. Milk is the base of most dairy, however on a spectrum, the term dairy could be referring to any of the following: milk, butter, cream, yogurt, cheese or whey.  Just like gluten, certain body compositions are sensitive to dairy. Dairy is allowed in Paleo if your body can handle it – but you should consistently detox to avoid excess milk sugar in your diet (also known as ‘lactose’).

Protein – Proteins are molecules made up of amino acids. In short, most meats contain more protein as a product of an animal eating foods high in protein. While some amino acids that we eat are turned into glucose, others are turned into proteins. In Paleo, we get our protein source mainly from animals.

Processed Foods – This term refers to the food that is filled with additives. Otherwise known as ‘convenience foods’ are commercially prepared or packaged snacks, meals and treats designed for ease. What people don’t know, are that processed foods you buy in the middle shelves of your grocery store (you’ll usually find them in a box or a can), contain generally 15+ ingredients that are not naturally created. This includes some of the following; calcium chloride, gums, sulfur dioxide, antioxidents, flavor enhancers, preservatives, etc. The essence of Paleo relies mainly on the naturally created foods made available to our cave-men ancestors. Generally, processed foods do not fit into Paleo.. at all.

MyFitnessPal/”MFP” – MyFitnessPal is an online database, food tracker and community dedicated to helping you meat your weight and health goals. It’s quick, easy, free and contains almost everything you need to know about weight loss. Click here! If you join, add me – ‘jaimrlx‘.

Standard American Diet/”S.A.D” – The ‘standard American diet’ is called SAD for many reasons, not only because they are the diet’s initials, but because the S.A.D consists mainly of refined sugars, dairy products, sodas, candies, sports drinks and high-gluten foods. On a scale of 2,000+ calories per day, it is generally low in the necessary nutrients to the human composition.

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome/”PCOS” – PCOS is a female hormonal disorder, commonly diagnosed by many cysts on/around the ovaries. This disease causes infertility, acne, lack of menstruation and insulin resistance. Common side effects include a range of other disorders, like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and fatty liver. While most doctors agree that PCOS is genetic, the biological source is still unknown. Most PCOS symptoms are contained by using hormone drugs like progesterone or birth control, but there is not a single cure or pill for all symptoms. Weight loss is generally the easiest way to calm the effects of PCOS.

4 thoughts on “Glossary

  1. I got it doctor, you shined the light on this. :) Thank you.
    One thing is still unclear, what’s a PrimalCupcake? :P Just joking. I will sign up on MFP.

    • Haha, there is actually a story to this! My very first online gaming username/handle was ‘cupcake’, so I brought it back and put a Paleo twist to it :)

      • Invalid height. Invalid goal weight. You must be at least 18 years old to use this website.Invalid current weight.<–lemme register site, I don't need your errors. I will try to find a way to measure and weight myself and I'll just cheat 1 year on the edge. I wouldn't do it if it was a big age difference, don't worry. I'm unsure about the weight goal. I want to be defenetly below 50 cuz I'm a shortie but I donno how low should I drop for a decent body.

        Gaming you say? What are ya playing? I need new games to murder anyway. :)

      • Insanity! I didn’t know you had to be 18+ to use the site. Waaah! You can do it without MFP, I promise! The next time you see a doctor, ask them about the weight stuff. It’s probably better than the internet telling you, anyway!

        Lots of them! Portal games, Leauge of Legends, and various indie games through Steam. I used to play World of Warcraft, but still won’t go back – I don’t really like where that game is headed. :) What do you play?

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