So I’m reading this old blog post and..

I’m realizing how far I’ve come in this short time on Paleo. I can hardly believe it! On June 18th, 2012, I was feeling very down and probably just as miserable as the last 22 years, so I logged onto MyFitnessPal and wrote a blog post to describe how I felt. I was depressed, frustrated, … Continue reading

Another day, another pound lost.

Quick update, I promise. I am so far from a morning person, really. Let me start with my quick just-out-of-bed routine: Open eyes. Frantically look around for water. Chug it. A lot of it. Grab kindle. 10 minute ceiling stare. Surrounded by hungry cats. 10 minutes of ‘Shut up you guys, seriously’. Roll out of … Continue reading

For Science! Well, for health at least.

On Halloween Day 2012, I underwent surgery on my wrist to remove a nasty Ganglion cyst. Roughly three years ago, I did the same thing – along with the three years prior. Trust me, we’re only scratching the surface of my medical history. During the very last run, it took my wrist about 7 months … Continue reading

Anyone heard of the ‘3-day hump’?

Really, it’s not as grossly perverse as you probably expected. I’m talking about the first three days of withdrawal. Whether you’re weaning yourself off of cigarettes, alcohol, medicine, or other bad habits, you’ve experienced the ‘3-day hump’. However, giving it a name makes it too shiny. ‘Three days and you’ll be back to normal..’ or … Continue reading

Hi there.

If you’re new to my story, go read the ‘About’ section. It’s got everything you need to know. I’ll start you off with a little somethin’ fresh. Today is my 10th day on Paleo. It’s not entirely strict, although my first seven days were. When you’re jumping into something, you’ve got to give yourself time … Continue reading