Today is just another day..

Today.. today.

I don’t like today. I’m moody, depressed, frustrated and weak. This time, it’s not food that’s got me down – it’s everything else. While Paleo has helped my depressive tendencies *thoughts mainly based on weight, mind you*, it hasn’t stopped them completely… but I’m 12 days in and I’ve not given up yet. Egads! Another success on the Paleo forefront.

Normally on a shit day like this one, I would generally eat my heart out. Pizza, cupcakes, candy and beer. My go-tos! Paleo has changed that around… but for the better? Probably.

I don’t gorge myself anymore. I can feel myself starting to detach from food emotionally. For all you emotional eaters out there, this one’s for you. The cool thing, is that I am aware that I am detaching from food and it’s not having an effect on the way I’m going about this. My stomach is growling because it’s an hour from lunch time, but my brain isn’t dying to have one of the several bagels sitting within arms reach of my cubicle.

I’m learning to replace my hunger. Through this blog? Probably.. but mainly through processing thoughts. My way of thinking is so much cleaner, and much more pure. “What you put into yourself is what you’ll get out.’ A mantra for those in need of a change. You may have also heard ‘Clear your body, mind and soul.’ Even if you don’t go for all the spiritual stuff, de-toxing your body of all the crap will help you clear your mind. Besides, who goes on a spiritual road trip and grabs a burger afterwards? No, Sunday church-goers, I’m not talking about you.

My motto of the day today is this… actually, no. I can’t even think of one. How’s your day today?

Must.. resist.. sleeping..on the job..

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