For Science! Well, for health at least.

On Halloween Day 2012, I underwent surgery on my wrist to remove a nasty Ganglion cyst. Roughly three years ago, I did the same thing – along with the three years prior. Trust me, we’re only scratching the surface of my medical history.

During the very last run, it took my wrist about 7 months to completely heal. That’s a long time of adjusting to using my right hand solely for most things. Throughout the last three surgeries, I was eating the same… some could compare my diet to that of a garbage disposal. Or a garbage truck. You get it.

This time around, things are a lot different for a couple reasons. To start, my cyst was much worse than expected. The cyst was larger and had moved around, leaving gaps in tissue. Because this was not my first excision, or even second for that matter, my tissue was comparable to Swiss cheese. I quickly ended up with a mass of donor tissue, physical therapy, and a plaster cast for six weeks.

It’s a fun little experiment, really. Though this time around was considerably worse, I was a tad smaller and eating worlds better. I hadn’t converted to Paleo just yet, but was in the midst of a low-carb/high fat diet. Total heal time: Nine weeks.

You read that correctly, from 7 months on a general hand surgery to nine weeks on a tissue graft. For my fellow nerds, that’s essentially three times faster. In fact, I followed up my last doctor’s visit with a trip to the gym. I was lifting just like I used to in no time, with no problems. I couldn’t even believe it!

I really do believe my success, in addition to physical therapy once per week, was attributed to the changes in my diet. “You get out what you put in” had never been so astoundingly accurate. For me, I’m counting this as a food success and I’ve really got Paleo to thank for it.


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