Another day, another pound lost.

Quick update, I promise.

I am so far from a morning person, really.

Let me start with my quick just-out-of-bed routine: Open eyes. Frantically look around for water. Chug it. A lot of it. Grab kindle. 10 minute ceiling stare. Surrounded by hungry cats. 10 minutes of ‘Shut up you guys, seriously’. Roll out of bed. Stand up. Stretch. Pee. Grab scale. Step on. Usually: Disappoint. Sometimes: Victory dance.

Despite my morning exhaustion, I danced today.

It is said that you should not weigh but once per week due to sodium levels, water weight, muscle gain, etc. I agree, but I have to monitor a trend because my brain needs to know the science of everything. Trust me, it’s both a blessing and a curse.

As far as counting weight lost, I only use my weekend measurements. Last Saturday, I was at 186.5. Today, I’m at 185.

Paleo for life, bitches!


4 thoughts on “Another day, another pound lost.

  1. If google’s right, you are 83 kilograms now? Grats!:) I still don’t understand what this paleo is but meh, gotta do a bit of reading around here. I really need to get some Kg off.

    • Yep, I think Google is right! Paleo is great, in short, it cuts out man-made foods like gluten, dairy, and processed sugars. It’s not strict like the raw food diet, but it’s optimizing our body’s efficiency but only eating what our ancestors did. Read up on it, it’s really great!

      • I would never go for a strict fancy stuff diet, anyway. I can’t affort it, have the time or motivation for it. I will read up, from the least I’ve seen it won’t hurt giving it a go.
        I felt really awful (and I felt awful a lot in my short life) yesterday and the day before that. Nothing helped me and I really thought that was it. Many things could have pilled up and coused it but it really flased a warning. I haven’t weighted myself in quite a while as I can’t find one/a decent one anywhere (the ones from the hospital are broken and they won’t let you use them anyway) but I can bet I weight more than you and affecting me a lot. I don’t mind the fact that I weight a lot as much as the lack of energy, force, joy etc and I don’t give a cent on what others think but it’s important to do this for me. Why I’m telling you this then? No idea, I’m random like that. XD Anyway, back to Google XD

      • Ha, spill it! I’m okay with that. I have never minded having like-minded people around! Let me just say this, I went grocery shopping for the week yesterday and spent $11.93 USD. I’m not sure how much food prices and all of that equate to where you are, but it is about 1/5 of what I normally paid for a weeks worth of food, when I was eating like a pig. The first seven days of this were the worst, you can check my journal post for that though. Now I’m feeling much better, and am mostly paleo. Mostly, in the sense that I still do eat food with additives when I have to. I’m working on getting there, but I want to make sure I’m fully dedicated first.

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